Click & Collect is great for retailers, but these customers and their orders impact on store operations.
See how Collectec make picking or collecting any order fast, efficient and more profitable

Retailer Benefits

Increase Add-on Sales

A fast & convenient collection creates additional time to browse & buy again

Incoming Collection Alerts

Receive advance notice of customer collection visits & order storage location info

No Customer App Needed

Collecting customers just need their smart phone, no Apps, scanning or downloading


Remove Collection Queues

Free up customer service & payment desks to remove queues & collection frustration

Improved Productivity

Serve more collecting customers in less time without any additional labour costs

Flexible Collection Points

From fitting rooms to parking areas, configure by store where customers can collect

Customer Benefits

Faster Collections

Time poor consumers are given extra time in store and avoid queues & collection fatigue

Collection Information

Easy to follow steps give clear instructions for a stress free collection experience

Collection Champion

A best in class collection service makes your stores the preferred retail destination 


Service Satisfaction

Store staff are more available and have more time to better serve collecting customers

Collection Control

Customers instigate & control the collection experience using their smart phone

Collection Choice

Collection options allow customers to collect in a way that suits their preferences that day

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