Collection simplicity from CollectecClick and Collect – retails fastest growth area

There has been huge growth in on-line shoppers from all retail categories choosing to take possession of their orders via in store Click & Collect. The Christmas period 2013 saw over 70% of UK consumers who shopped on-line used Click and Collect.

With busy work lives, hectic schedules and family commitments pulling them in every direction, consumers simply don’t have the time to wait in for a home delivery. So the ability to collect at a store, on their terms, fitting in with their schedule and often with no delivery charge is a hugely attractive proposition for today’s digital consumer.

Collectec solve collection queue frustrationClick and Collect service – customers demand more

For the consumer, ordering is fast, convenient & often done whilst sat on a train or sofa thanks smart phones & tablet.  A few clicks, a speedy payment process & confirmation arrives of delivery to their local store …. and that’s it… all done, a 100% digital shopping satisfaction.

There are also huge retailer benefits.  No home delivery manage, stock moves to store on existing deliveries, and no costly missed deliveries. 21% of retailer’s home deliveries fail, costing an average of £151 each time (The Integrated Retailer 01/5/13). Click & Collect reduces retailer costs whilst inviting customers back into store with the potential for add on sales.

Kiosk1_web_400sqCollection convenience is the key

Clicks work, if not consumers stop clicking. The digital shopping experience MUST work first time, every time. We believe the store collection experience should do too. The collection day comes around, the customer is still feeling the retail satisfaction of knowing that the goods they ordered are ready to collect at the store they selected.

Retailers realise the digital shopping experience MUST work first time, every time from purchase right through to collection. If not its simple consumers shop elsewhere.  If customers encounter a poor collection experience all of the great digital work will be undone and the customer lost.