CollectBeacon – Automated Collection Management

Beacons are small, Bluetooth® devices. When placed in a physical space, such as a retail store, they broadcast radio signals around themselves (like a tiny lighthouse) and with very low power consumption so they can be left for many years. As they broadcast they are able to interact with smartphones Apps that enter their field of range.

Collectec use this technology to create a “frictionless” collection notification system for customer & store. The solution identifies collection customers & checks their order status. If their goods are ready for collection the customer receives a custom notification on their smart phone asking them if they would like to collect it.

Customer convenience

Beacon Click and Collect means reduced till point queues, no dedicated service desks & no stress. Staff continue normal store tasks & customers inform them of their arrival by the simple swipe of a screen.

The Beacons can be used by themselves or along side our indoor or Drive Thru kiosks. This enables all your customers to have a fast, efficient and time saving collection service giving them more time to browse in store or continue with their busy day.

CollectBeacon Benefits

Targeted Interaction

Only shoppers with Click or Reserve & Collect orders ready for them to collect in that store receive alerts triggered by Beacons

Customer control

As shoppers mobile phones instigate & control collections there’s no retailer cost to operate the service regardless of customer volume

Sales opportunity

Fast, effortless collection check-in gives customers time & freedom to browse & buy in store & be receptive to offers & promotions

Always on service

With no need for manned service desks or counters, the collection service is open as long as your store is without extra staff costs

Location based content

Deliver digital content and interactions with customers based on store movements and precise locations, in real-time

Live service tracking

Staff & Mgt have access to live collection data including in store customer levels & service times