Click and Collect Christmas for UK retailers

Click and Collect Christmas for UK retailers

UK retailers predict a Click & Collect Christmas

Research shows Click & Collect sales set for more growth

The ever growing popularity of Click & Collect is set to peak this festive period with UK retailers predicting a Click and Collect Christmas surge over the festive trading period. Retailers say they are set to see growth of 49% in Click and Collect orders from the same period in 2013.

In the research commissioned by Barclays, it says that UK retailers in general feel optimistic about the Christmas trading period and Click and Collect orders will play a big part in its success. In 2013 UK retailers benefited from 5.7 million consumers using Click & Collect during Christmas trading.

Not just a Click & Collect Christmas – now integral to retailer’s strategies

Collectec’s own findings are echoed in the Barclays report that state that Click and Collect is crucial to retailers and they expect its use to keep growing. The article goes on to say “the rise in demand for Click & Collect is being met head on by retailers, with nearly half (43%) investing in this type of delivery option. Most retailers (84%) believe Click & Collect has become a permanent fixture within the delivery market and 71% see it as critical to their business success. Over a third (38%) of retailers are expecting usage to soar more over the next four years than any other delivery option”.

Collections gaining more ground over delivery

So far this Christmas trading period the home delivery network has already been stretched to breaking point with many Black Friday & Cyber Monday orders suffering heavy home delivery delays. Barclays state that:

The ecommerce and delivery market landscape is predicted to continue to change with Click & Collect becoming more crucial to retailers and consumers alike by 2018. Deliveries direct to a consumer’s address are predicted to decrease from 72% to just over 64% of total physical deliveries over the next four years whilst Click & Collect volumes are anticipated to rise to just under 35% from 26%. This growth may be a result of consumer collection services offering shoppers a more manageable, flexible and often cheaper solution to daytime home delivery.

UK Shoppers lead Click & collect adoption

The article goes onto say “currently, the UK is the most active nation in terms of Click & Collect services, compared to the US, France or Germany. However, France’s Click & Drive supermarket collection points are an integral part of its delivery networks. Similarly, US-based retailer The Container Store, a specialist retail chain, allows consumers to shop on-line and collect their orders in under an hour of purchase, and as part of the initiative, staff bring consumers’ shopping straight to their cars”

Collection service – the next retail battle front

With stores experiencing record Click and Collect customer visits the service shoppers receive when collecting is now under the spotlight. Collectec director Jolyon Platts commented “Customers want their store collection experience to be fast, efficient and informative. just the same as the “Click” part of the process. Stores are finding themselves ill prepared for the volume of orders they need to manage, from lack of storage space to long queues at service and payment points. Now is the time for them to reward these customers by offering them a dedicated and efficient store collection experience”. 

The full article published by Barclays can be found here 



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