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Click and Collect customer service – Retailers struggle with omnichannel

Click and Collect customer service – Retailers struggle with omnichannel

Click and Collect customer service in demand

A recent survey lead by Accenture has again highlighted the customer demand for a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

The article originally posted by explains how retailers are still failing to meet customer expectations for “joined up retailing” where they have total control, flexibility and access to shop where and when they want.

Click and Collect customer service continues to be at the forefront of consumer demands with access to fast, free and reliable ordering on-line for store collection being a major attraction. A noteworthy set of stats from the article are:

“……in-store pickup of purchases by consumers emerged as a key capability that bricks and mortar retailers must be able to provide their customers if they expect to compete effectively against online-only retailers. Forty seven per cent of the customers surveyed said they use in-store-pickup options to avoid online shipping costs, 25 per cent so they can collect their orders on the day of purchase and 10 per cent simply because they find it more convenient to pick items from a store than having them shipped to their home”

As retailers work towards multi & Omni channel approaches, consumers continue to highlight their needs as being ONE channel….. everything everywhere. Customer’s want to engage with a retailer and receive great service, quality engagement and informative communication regardless of their location or access method.

Smoothing this gap between the digital and physical worlds continues to be a challenge to many retailers and this gap is bigger at some more than others. Collectec are working to help bridge this by providing an effective link between these channels and helping retailers to offer digital customers a continuation of their journey when they arrive in store to collect.

Poor customer engagement remains just that…regardless of where and when it happens, the graphic below shows that Click and Collect must demand focus and an attention to service if retailers are to succeed. Some of these enviable statistics could be obtainable for more retailers if Click and Collect customer service doesn’t end at the on-line checkout stage.

The full article can be found here (opens new page)



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