UK Lead Click and Collect Development

UK Lead Click and Collect Development

Is the UK a nation of Click and Collect pioneers?

Article shows the progress UK Click and Collect has made in recent years

Some very interesting stats, trends and observations in this article showing just how far UK retail has come in offering Click and Collect services. Quoting from IDC analysis the article explains how UK shoppers spend the most online as a percentage of total retail sales; and, as a result,  has a relatively mature market in terms of those High Street retailers that have already developed an eCommerce presence on-line.

“35% of the UK’s online shoppers are already using click and collect services, however this is expected to double in the next three years, and provides a contrast to other leading European nations that appear to be lagging behind in providing the same level of omnichannel service to the public.

It goes on to say:

“IDC’s research states that the UK is the most mature country as far as omnichannel is concerned. Major players in the industry (Tesco, M&S, Asda, H&M, Burberry, Halfords, Argos, and Asos, for example) have been among the first companies in Western Europe to set up more than one delivery service option online, in order to offer their customers the best delivery experience based on their needs”

Click and Collect Development – Europeans follow UK

The article highlights how the UK are setting the bar very high when it comes to retail channels that offer Click and Collect stating that:

“By comparison, only a small number of retailers in specific retail segments such as consumer electronics currently offer click and collect in Germany, while only the largest, international retailers (Zara, El Corte Inglés) offer anything by way of alternative deliver in Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain.

France is the closest to the UK in terms of click and collect offerings, with retailers including Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc among a number of brands jumping on the bandwagon. Innovatively, French retailers have also been some of the first to offer drive thru services for Click and Collect, an idea UK brands have yet to fully exploit”

So what’s the next stage of Click and Collect development?

A key passage of article states the main reasons why consumers are adopting to Click and Collect in ever increasing numbers.

“Consumers like it because it offers them a cheaper and more convenient fulfilment option, while retailers can also exploit the added potential to increase conversion rates and basket size, as well as boost store footfall.”

So the question many retailers need to ask themselves is “Is the customer store collection experience better than my rivals”?

Collectec can ensure the amswer to this question is an emphatic “Yes” by helping retail stores offer a dedicated, efficient and informative collection journey for the customer so that they have the time (and more importantly the desire) to spend more when in store.

We help shoppers leave with Collection satisfaction not Collection fatigue. Click HERE to contact us and find out how.

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