Click and Collect retail formats


Click and Collect queues and poor service have a real impact on customer experience within a store. Increased pressure on checkouts and customer service desks not only annoys collecting customers but also other customers queuing for other reasons. “Store Collect” from Collectec  is a versatile, flexible and adaptable solution suitable for all Click and Collect retail formats. The reduction in Click and Collect queues  is part of the overall Click and Collect solution and offers customers a real customer service whilst staff stay efficient and productive at the same time.

Our in store Click and Collect solution enables the customer to control the collection of their goods, at a speed that suits them. Suitable for virtually any retail format, layout, operating styles and locations, “Store Collect” will become a vital part of the retail experience and a key influencer for consumers when selecting where to shop.

The basic principle is to avoid Click and Collect queues by connecting customers to the store and keeping them informed and engaged with available members of the store team. This link using Collectec “Store Connect” platform means that customers who have already shopped and paid online aren’t forced to search for help, join any Click and Collect queues or wait long periods of time to take possession of their orders.

This makes for a relaxed, repeatable and personal shopping experience which often results in the creation of additional time for the customer to browse the store or be directed to other purchases by the engaged store team member who is refocused to excellent customer service.

Collectec produce solutions for all Click and Collect retail formats. Please select from the example list below to find out more how our solutions can add real customer service and operational value to your retail outlets.


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