Electrical-store-600x400As one of the most popular on-line retail markets, electrical and entertainment orders account for over 15% of Click & Collect orders placed in the UK. The driving desire for many consumers is to take possession of these goods as soon as they can, whether it be the latest video game or technology gadget, consumers will research there purchases thoroughly before placing an order on-line….. then they eagerly head to the store to collect.

This is where many collection services leave the consumer feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the “Collect” part of their Click and Collect journey.

Using Collectec in these retail stores enables these consumers to quickly, effortlessly and conveniently take possession of their goods. Our Store Connect platform provides a perfect user experience for the technology customer and delivers a fast and dedicated service leaving the customer with a positive experience of their Click and Collect journey.

Click and Collect Electrical goods service is a must have service for retailers and often a key influencer for the consumer on where to shop. A slow, difficult and unclear in store collection process not only frustrates customers during their store visit but also has a negative impact on the brand and potential future purchases.