department-store-600-400Department stores offer an added attraction to the collection customer….everything under one roof!

With our Department store click and collect solution customers can collect multiple orders in one collection process & have a dedicated staff member serve them.

The Collectec solution can manage, simplify and streamline the store collection process for the retailer and the customer taking all of the stress out of a store collection.

The Collectec solution can make Click & Collect an integral part of the store experience and a service customers will return to use again and again.

As this store format has much to offer the consumer with way of additional goods to purchase, giving time back to the in store customer to do this is key to their potential spend in store during their collection visit.

“Store Collect” significantly reduces the time taken to complete a store collection and offers a repeatable and measurable service customer will recognise, accept and return to. All this means the store can reward the Click and Collect customer with the most valuable thing….time. Having this spare time then enables them to browse other departments in store, buy lunch, grab a last minute gift or simply make an impulse “must have” purchase. Collectec create customer convenience which is what consumers need, want and select who they buy from using.