DIY--service-600-400In the ever growing home maintenance market finding the right tool, paint, accessory or decoration has never been more important. On-line consumers frequently turn to the power of Click and Collect to help them fulfil these purchases.

The ability to research, browse, compare and identify the correct product on line has revolutionised the DIY market and enabled consumers to be inspired and informed at the same time.

On-line stock checkers secure product availability, order customisation ensure that matching accessory is ordered, and helpful on-line guides educate consumers on how to undertake that DIY task.

One area which remains the same is the peak time queues in store, with customers wanting to locate, compare, ask advice, pay and collect all at the same time.


More often than not these DIY tasks are tackled when time is precious and deadlines are short, the queue experienced when collecting at a store frustrates these customers. They are too often left thinking “why do I have to queue now, I purchased on-line to avoid store queues?”

The Click and Collect system from Collectec tackles this problem in the store by focussing on what the customer needs most…a speedy and efficient service. No more queues at customer services, no more waiting in line at a till point and no trawling the aisles searching for the elusive and vital DIY product.

Our Click and Collect system offers the customer the ability and reward of avoiding the dreaded bank Holiday weekend queues, they simply enter their collection reference number and member of staff is alerted and tasked to bring the order out to the customer.

Product collected, queue avoided and stress levels reduced, the customer feels rewarded for their purchase and has some available in store time to engage with the knowledgeable staff  and perhaps pick up some additional items for the project ahead.