Click and Collect service not stress

Click and Collect service not stress

The high-street had its obituary written but Click-and-collect proves there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet.

Not too long ago many retail and economic experts had us believe the UK’s high-street was on life support with Amazon hovering with intent holding a pack of nails waiting to hammer the coffin closed.

A recent article at looks at how this is now far from the case and that Click-and-Collect has been a major shot in the arm for UK retailers.

The article explores the growth of on-line sales and how they are now a major part of the retail business model. The ever expanding move to mobile commerce has meant that sofa surfing whilst watching TV or “second screening” as its often referred to is now the norm for many UK consumers.

The move to the digital world has become the go-to purchasing method for many and as busy time poor shoppers these customers also need a convenient, easy and reliable method to take possession of their order – enter Click and Collect. This method of taking possession of an order is proving more and more popular and the growth speaks for itself. According to a study by in December last year  1 in 5 UK shoppers purchased items online for in-store collection in the run-up to the festive season.

What retailers must now consider is that if virtually all physical retailers (and some virtual ones too) offer a Click and Collect service… and if the consumer can buy the same item from a choice of 10 retailers all for a similar cost….who’s website gets that all important “Add to basket” moment….?……. Collectec believe its the retailer who provides a Click and Collect SERVICE…… not just a “Collect here” sign hung in the store.

Shoppers who click and collect are busy, they choose to collect at store because it makes them less busy… simple….in theory. But having arrived at the store to collect, many customers are faced with the daunting and infuriating game of “get my goods”. The queue at customer services, the long wait in line at the tills, the search for a member of staff to help or the laborious and time consuming ascent to the 5th floor to get to the Click and Collect desk which is often harder to find than Narnia.

So we ask again…. who’s website gets that all important “Add to basket” moment…???? It’s the retailer who rewards the Click and Collect customer by providing them with a dedicated, repeatable, consistent collection service away from the queues. Its clearly signed and simple to find with a fast and efficient process to identify the customer’s collection reference number, locate their goods and give them to the customer.

Sound a lot to ask for….?? Collectec don’t think so, and neither do customers as they will often in return further reward the retailer buy using the time they saved with an efficient Click and Collect service to buy something else whilst in the store.

Click and Collect should be a customer service…not a banner on a website.



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