Click and Collect Shoppers buy more in store

Click and Collect Shoppers buy more in store


Homeware shoppers spend an additional 53.2% when picking up Click & Collect orders in store

According to Verdict’s latest e-retail survey many Click and Collect shoppers buy more in store.

Homewares shoppers spend half as much again in store when picking up their Click and Collect purchases. This is higher than in clothing & footwear, the largest and most developed Click & Collect market, and is therefore a significant opportunity for homeware retailers, which must promote Click & Collect as an alternative to home delivery when shopping on-line.

Promoting Click and Collect is key

The article states that “Four in ten on-line homeware shoppers using Click & Collect spent extra money when collecting their items in store; using Click & Collect as a way of starting their shopping, then completing the rest of their shop when they collect their orders in store. To benefit from this 53.2% additional spend, retailers must promote click & collect as an alternative to home delivery when shopping on-line.”

Click and Collect of priority items

For many homeware shoppers the “must have” item(s) are the motivation for selecting Click and Collect over home delivery. The ability to secure the key product, examine it and then build a further shopping basket around it is both convenient and fulfilling. When collecting in store the allure of other items CAN be a huge attraction for additional store spend. The Verdict article mentions that “Strong visual merchandising, including room sets, will make the offer more appealing and increase shoppers’ dwell time. In addition, locating the collection point toward the back of the store means that customers will have to pass through other parts of the store, which can drive additional sales.”

Retailers need to give customers “time to spend”

All too often retailers fail to realise the potential additional spend opportunities that Click & Collect presents.  Time is a rare commodity for nearly everyone, so wasted minutes spent trying to collect and feeling stressed due to a poor store collection journey does not build additional consumer spend. Searching for “Collect Here” signage, navigating a maze of merchandising and departments, or having to take the lift to 10th floor followed by a 10 minute wait in a queue to tell a staff member about a collection is all too often what collection shoppers encounter.

Then comes the “wait and see” phase where customers stand in anticipation, hovering around counters for someone (anyone!) to appear with their goods. Then 20 minutes after entering the store to collect, the goods arrive. Times up….. shopper has other places to be and things to do.

Surely there’s a better way?

Rewarding collections for everyone

If retailers want to give themselves the best possible chance of capturing additional spend during Click and Collect visits then they could perhaps look at the convenience of their store service and ask the question “Do I reward Click & Collect customers when in store to collect?”

Providing a straight forward, clearly signed, dedicated and efficient collection service tells the customer that the retailer values their business (after all, often the customer has already paid for their goods) and that their reward is to feel relaxed, informed and presented with useful time in store.

Collectec – Click and Collect in store management solutions

Collectec allow shoppers to instigate and control their collection journey, making them feel involved, informed and relaxed, safe in the knowledge that they have communicated with the store and their order is on its way to them. Connecting shopper and store directly removes Click and Collect customers from queues, allows store staff to respond quickly to collections as needed (not stand behind a desk waiting) and most importantly for the retailer give the customer opportunity to browse & buy additional items.

Giving collection customers this time, service and reassurance is how retailers can provide the consumer with the confidence to not only buy more but also to Click and Collect with them again. Collectec have the solutions to offer this service instead of having anxious, waiting and clock watching shoppers who don’t even think about browsing as their primary objective “Collecting” is far from completed.


A link to the full Verdict article can be found here


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