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Click and Collect shoppers will double by 2017

Click and Collect shoppers will double by 2017

New research by Planet Retail shows that the number of Click and Collect shoppers will double by 2017

A noteworthy section of the report stated that “Click & collect is poised for explosive growth in the UK. Shoppers are already accustomed to browsing and transacting on their own terms – choice in fulfilment is the final piece to the puzzle. Within the next three years, we’re expecting more than three-quarters of online shoppers to collect their own items.”

“Two of the biggest barriers to buying online are cost of delivery and inconvenient delivery times, making click & collect an increasingly attractive option for both shoppers and retailers. Fulfilment is poised to be the next big battleground in retail.”

Key findings of the report are:

  • 35% of online shoppers in the UK currently click & collect, compared to 13% in the US and 5% in Germany.
  • That figure will more than double within the next three years: 76% of online shoppers in the UK will self-collect by 2017.
  • Despite being a hotbed for click & collect, only two-thirds of the top 50 retailers offer the service.
  • More needs to be done: the most successful retailers are placing click & collect at the heart of their multi-channel strategies and justifying their store presence. For example, click & collect accounts for 45% of Next’s online orders, while 57% of click & collect orders through John Lewis are picked up at sister brand Waitrose’s stores.
  • Growth to be driven by continued roll-out of instore collection as well as alternative pick-up points such as lockers – currently used by 4% of online shoppers – and third party stores – currently used by 12% of shoppers.
  • #1 barrier to shopping online is the cost of delivery. Similarly, Planet Retail research shows that 1 in 4 online shoppers are deterred by inconvenient delivery times.


Collectec understand the success of store Click & Collect is heavily reliant on how retail brands extend their digital footprint into their physical stores. Informed customers are happy consumers, safe in the knowledge they are being looked after from the Click to the Collect. They then find themselves with time whilst in store to further invest in the brand, browse shelves, look at offers or buy associated items – just because they aren’t in a queue or explaining for the 3rd time what it is they are there to collect.

This continued forecast in growth for Click and Collect shows retailers that consumers want a “joined up” shopping experience where they are served effectively, consistently and conveniently on-line and in-store. Queues, slow service, miscommunication and collection fatigue only serve to alienate shoppers from using that retailer again. Time poor shoppers no longer have to search for a retailer who offers Click & Collect as the marketplace continues to grow daily. What they are now starting to search out is a retailer  who provides them with the service they need, expect and understand.

Q: So if the number of  Click and Collect shoppers will double by 2017 then what will become the differentiator for customers?

A: Click & Collect customer service.

Collectec are continuing to solve these issues for retailers and provide them with integrated collection tools giving them and the customer a Click & Collect service that’s  a pleasure to use and not a queue based “hunt the order” process that undoes any brand loyalty once established.

The original article published here (opens new window) was posted by Planet Retail on 7th April 2014

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