Click and Collect store service must improve

Click and Collect store service must improve

Focus on the “Click” has left the “Collect” wanting

A recent article published by Econsultancy highlighted the performance of Click & Collect over the festive period. Data from JDA/YouGov showed that more than ever that Click and Collect store service is an integral part of retail.

According to the research 39% of on-line shoppers opted to use click & collect services this Christmas.

Customer journey – Digital vs Physical

So in theory this is good news for retailers….. however the same positives didn’t transfer to the customer experience, the physical store “Collect” part is now often falling short of consumer expectations.

Out of the 2,400 shoppers surveyed, 61% of those that used Click and Collect cited avoiding delivery charges as their biggest motivation and 53% cited the greater convenience offered.

Although 40% of click & collect shoppers had a very positive experience of using the service, 35% of users encountered negative issues:

  • 30% experienced long waiting times due to a lack of in-store staff
  • 29% cited a lack of a dedicated area in-store for click and collect purchases
  • 25% said staff were unable to look or took a long time to source goods in-store

Click and Bricks – Getting it right

The article went on to say that “If a significant proportion of on-line shoppers are choosing not to have their goods delivered to their home but to store, these customers will expect the same hassle-free, customer-focused experience on the high street store as they did on-line”. For many this is far from the reality, some of the click and collect store service concerns are:

  • Lack of dedicated area with a customer service team to deal with click and collect
  • Ensuring there aren’t lengthy queues
  • Keeping customers informed regularly on the status of their order
  • Make sure deliveries are clearly labelled / organised in stock rooms so customers don’t have to wait too long

C&C customer service doesn’t have to increase costs

On the these areas of customer service concern, Collectec’s  Craig Bloomfield commented “Many retailers see these 4 areas of Click & Collect service improvement as costly, labour intensive and difficult for their existing store formats to provide. I agree with providing a dedicated service for customers, but this doesn’t mean stores need to build expensive space hungry collection desks with dedicated staff stood behind waiting for collection customers to arrive”.

“If stores can manage customers with existing staff but allow them to be agile, multi functional and informed in store then they can adapt to collection customer volumes & demands. The key areas for the customer experience are information, consistency and speed. “Thanks, your collection request is with us & being prepared”…. these few words not only put the customer’s mind at ease they free them to use their in store time to do what retailers want… browse for more”.

Staff should be service angels….not queue robots

Collectec have produced an innovative and responsive Click and Collect store service solution that allows customers to instigate their collection, without queuing or wasting time. A collection “check-in” can be done in as little as 5 seconds. This information is relayed directly to the store team who can be called to action to look after Click & Collect customers as and when they come into store. So ANY member of staff can be called to assist and serve these customers whilst still able to fulfil their usual store role.

Collectec’s suite of Click & Collect solutions allow retailers to not only better serve in store collection customers but also attract new ones to their brand and increase additional in store purchases during the collection visit.

A link to the full article can be found here
Click & Collect store queues Click & Collect using Beacon



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