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Click and Collect to grow faster than home delivery

Click and Collect to grow faster than home delivery

Click and Collect to grow faster than home delivery as consumers embrace convenience

According to the latest OC&C figures, the demand for goods ordered online but collected at the store could soon be increasing at a faster rate than home delivery. Consumers are embracing Click and Collect services with open arms and the growth stats show its fast becoming the preferred method for on-line consumers to take possession of their orders.

The volume of UK non-food sales made via the internet for collection at store will increase by 33 million parcels this year on a par with the increase in units for home delivery at 36 million, the Financial Times reported. The growth in the volume of units ordered online but collected in store is forecast to overtake that for home delivery for the first time in 2015, rising by 53 million parcels year on year. Non-food click-and-collect will reach 30% of the UK market by 2017.

“Click and collect is the biggest growth channel potentially now, [growing] faster even than home delivery,” explained Michael Jary, a partner at OC&C.

So if the forecast that “Click and Collect to grow faster than home delivery” is going to happen (and all the signs show it will) then retailers will continue to see an increase in footfall to their stores, surely a welcome & huge opportunity for them. However, the side effects of more shoppers in store collecting is already being seen.

Click & ???????????

Long queues at payment counters (or worse customer service desks) that include many collection customers, poor engagement with Click and Collect customers expecting them to play “hunt the collection process” when they arrive in store. All this and more set on a background of frantic and stressed looking store staff running back and forth to stock rooms with scraps of paper in search for Click and Collect customer orders. One thing is for sure…..consumers don’t want this to be the conclusion to (and supposedly the most gratifying part) their collection.

Customers who collect at store do so because its convenient for them…… as soon as it stops being convenient the retailers lose this customer and its well documented on how difficult it is to get them back.

Implement a collection platform before your competitors do

Retailers need to start work now on building collections into their store operations and making it standard practice to look after Click and Collect shoppers. Waiting too long for the growth in collection customers is a recipe for disaster as  “Collection fatigue” will already be the norm associated with the retailer and shoppers will look elsewhere for a true customer collection experience. Acting now to implement a continuation of the customer’s digital journey when they arrive in store will build the foundations for collection growth and show consumers that they have not been forgotten about post website clicks.

Click and Collect customers want convenience from the WHOLE  experience

Retailers who work now to provide collection customers with a service and not a process will reap the rewards and capture their rivals customers as they offer a repeatable, informative and customer focussed store experience. Providing a stress free, recognisable collection path that the customer controls and that reassures them they are being looked after is what a Collectec Click and Collect solution ensures happens.

Collectec have huge experience in customer collections, store collection services and the application of technology to enable retailers to keep their current customers and gain new Click and Collect customers from their lesser equipped rivals.


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