Consumers want better Click and Collect service in store

Consumers want better Click and Collect service in store

Recent survey data released shows that better Click and Collect service at stores is top of UK consumer needs.

Click and collect is enjoying continued growth and popularity among UK consumers, allowing time poor shoppers to make purchases online and pick up their items at a physical retail location when it fits with their busy lives.

54% of UK shoppers used a click and collect service within the past 12 months, up from 49% a year earlier, according to a report from JDA & Centiro. However, its the fulfilment stage that still needs polishing as consumers often run into snags when picking up their items.

Physival AND Digital experiences matter

Many retailers still group all their in store  and collection customers together asking them to to do the very British thing of forming an orderly queue until a desk based sales person is ready for them. This kind of store experience couldn’t be further from service driven and slick experience that the consumer first started their journey on-line.

35% of UK consumers have dealt with long wait times in the store.

32% have dealt with staff being unable to locate their items for pickup.

15% report the items they ordered were out of stock at their preferred store.

Better Click and Collect service in store

As click and collect becomes more common, retailers will need to come up with new ways to increase efficiency. The main problem is that sales associates are trying to accommodate both click-and-collect and traditional customers. Moving forward, retailers adopting this in-store pick-up method should consider setting aside budgets and support dedicated to click and collect only.

Collectec – convenience is key to Click & Collect success

Customers choose to Click & Collect for many reasons. But all choose it because its convenient and they all want this convenience to continue through to the collection at store.

Collectec’s store Click and Collect solutions are purpose built to manage the collection of goods at store. Customers want to collect quickly and conveniently, not be forced to navigate to the 5th floor and then wait in line.

We bring customers & retail staff together to provide a total Click and Collect service that offers customers choice of what to do with the time they save. And by making staff extra efficient and able to better assist collection customers during their store visit you can be sure your customers are served and not processed.


The full report can be found on the JDA website here


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