Drive Thru Click and Collect System

Drive Thru Click and Collect System

Video of our Drive Thru Click & Collect System in action


Drive Thru Click and Collect System – the ultimate in customer convenience

Collectec’s “Store Collect” solution provides retailers with a convenient, connected Drive Thru system. Using the same communications infrastructure and software as our in store collection system, our purpose built Drive Thru Click and Collect System will become an integral part of a retailers collection options for its customers.

Grocery Drive Thru service – attract more customers

A Collectec Drive Thru Click and Collect System is the most convenient way for grocery & bulk item shoppers to take possession of their orders at a store. Its also extremely attractive to customers who want a fast collection whilst on a journey to/from work, school or nursery. Customers simply drive to the Click and Collect area in the store car park, then from either the comfort of their vehicle (or a few steps if shared bay service) quickly enter their collection reference information into the system.

Once complete, order information is sent to the store team to locate the goods in the storage area and bring them directly to the customer’s vehicle.

Click and Collect Project Pedigree

The Collectec team have vast experience and knowledge in the design, operation and implementation of a Drive Thru Click and Collect System and can work closely with retailers to establish the best approach. The system can then be configured to offer customers a fast, simple to use and very convenient collection channel.

Lane format, parking bay design, staff access paths and Drive Thru exit routes can all be planned by working with Collectec. After establishing the Drive Thru design components the Collectec team configure the Store Collect software and customer facing screens to ensure the best possible service is delivered through this channel. The Collectec Drive Thru kiosk can be customised and branded to the retailer and is made from ruggedised components specifically designed for outdoor use.


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