International Click and Collect Solution for Global Deployment

“Store Collect” from Collectec is not just a UK based solution. Our hosted Cloud platform means we are able to supply stores with a collection solution regardless of their geographical location. Simply provide the required internet connection to the store devices and the hosting package from Collectec will take care of the rest.

Global Deployment

Deploy Collection system worldwide
Over the air software distribution
Centrally controlled by retailer
No store servers or PC’s required
Centralised data & security policies
Pay as you go managed solution

Cloud Subscription Service

Reduced costs
Faster deployment
Greater flexibility
Improved staff productivity
Any store with an internet connection
Global status reporting

Secure Access Control

Secure SSL connections
Easily configured security policies
Data is held privately with backups
Accessible via unique login credentials
Centralised Admin for user access control
Tiered security controls system access

Configurable Solution

System branded to match stores
Estate & store specific settings
Centralised control of marketing screens
Remotely manage system access rights
Live settings and screen message updates
Automate system report email distribution

Device Management

See device status in real time
Silent “Over the air” software updates
Locate, lock and control access
Proactive maintenance
Performance monitoring with alerts
Instant update of features & functions

Cost Effective

Pay as you grow
Cap-Ex free software spend
Flexible SLAs for support and availability
Reduced infrastructure outlay
Reduce your IT costs

Click & Collect managed service for In Store or Drive Thru

The power to define, manage & monitor store collection activity is key to multi-channel success. “Store Collect” enables retailers to achieve this whilst offering a true customer service collection experience.

Simple to deploy to stores with minimal user training required

Pay as you grow service reduces capital costs

Hosted & managed software service keeps staff productive

Provides motivating stats to operational & store staff

 Timeslot collection data assists staff scheduling

Head office & Mgr reporting tools with automated emails

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