Shoppers to buy goods worth £4bn using Click and Collect by 2018

Shoppers to buy goods worth £4bn using Click and Collect by 2018

Shoppers will buy goods worth £4bn using click and collect services in 2018, a new study from Verdict suggests.

That’s two-thirds more than today, says the retail analyst, which predicts the growth will come as people continue to look for convenience.

However, by 2018, click and collect will account for only some 8% of online sales by 2018 and 1.2% of total retail sales. Its fast growth, says Matthew Rubin, analyst at Verdict, will come as fulfilment options broaden.

“Home delivery companies and pure play online retailers are monitoring the development of click and collect and are reacting accordingly,” he said. “They are looking to offer collection points at convenience stores and locker, same day delivery, narrower delivery time slots and improved tracking and updates of estimated delivery times.”

Currently, the categories of goods most likely to be bought using click and collect are clothing and footwear. Some 23.5% of online shoppers and 46.5% of click and collect users have used the service to buy these goods. That’s followed by electricals, a sector where click and collect has been used by 15.4% of online shoppers and 30.6% of click and collect users. “This is down,” said Rubin, “to the frequent nature of clothing purchases and the ability to ensure size and range availability compared to store shopping as well as the shortened lead time compared to home delivery, which can be crucial in some clothing transactions.”

The study also found that 54% of click and collect users were female, typically aged between 25 and 44 and in the AB socio-economic group, and that some 27% of the 10,000 online shoppers who took part in the study expected to increase their use of the service.

“This represents both an opportunity and a warning for retailers,” said Rubin. “With so many potential new users, retailers must invest in having adequate space, stock maintenance and logistics to cope with the pressure.”



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