In Store Kiosk Solution

Customers choose to Click & Collect for many reasons. But all choose it because its convenient and they all want this convenience to continue through to the collection at store.

Collectec’s store Click and Collect solutions are purpose built to manage the collection of goods at store. Customers want to collect quickly and conveniently, not be forced to navigate to the 5th floor and then wait in line.

We bring customers & retail staff together to provide a total Click and Collect service that offers customers choice of what to do with the time they save. And by making staff extra efficient and able to better assist collection customers during their store visit you can be sure your customers are served and not processed.

Store service – Digital convenience

When a customer arrives in store to collect, they are faced with navigating the store, looking for signs of where to go, checking and double checking they are in the right place in the store, then waiting in line at a till or customer service queue along with customers doing other things (returning, buying, seeking information etc.).

This experience couldn’t be further from the convenient, digital order experience that first started their Click & Collect journey. This is where Collectec make the difference.

Some of the customer benefits

Faster Collections

A clearly defined & managed store collection helps time poor consumers & gives them more opportunities to visit the store

Collection Information

Easy to follow collection steps providing the customer with clear instructions & information makes their collection visit stress free

Consistant Service

A consistent & reliable service makes order collection a breeze not a bore, customers feel informed & at ease even during service peaks

Removes Queues

Collection “Check-in” customers instigate the service & avoid till point & customer service desk queues saving valuable time

Service Satisfaction

Store staff have more time to spend helping, customers receive a more personal service and don’t feel like they have been “processed”

No hearing or language barriers

Easy to follow touch screen instructions are perfect for hearing impaired shoppers or those who don’t speak English as a first language

Some of the retailer benefits

Virtual Queue

Responsive software manages collection peaks serving more customers quicker by keeping staff informed

Customer Engagement

Staff have time to offer additional customer assistance making the collection journey a personal shopping experience

Automated Reports

Automated & targeted reports sent to operational team show service performance & identify training needs

Collection KPI's

Staff, Mgt & head office access to targeted performance data to constantly monitor, review & improve the service across stores

Improved Productivity

Direct customer to store communication increases productivity & extends collection hours without additional labour costs

Live System Alerts

System monitors & alerts Mgt to potential service issues before they occur ensuring great customer service is always maintained

Solutions built around your business

You know your business, stores & customers better than anyone, that’s why the first steps to a better collection service is us understanding how you operate. From standalone to fully integrated solutions we work closely with you to plan every step of the customer & staff journey to make it the best it can be, matching your brand values & promises.