In Store Returns

The continued growth of multi-channel purchasing means consumers are moving the “keep/return” decision making to their home. This particularly prevalent for fashion purchases where the changing room is now where ever the customer wants it to be.

This results in a large percentage of e-commerce orders being returned to retailers as customers only keep the colour/size/variation they decide on. Many retailers currently have a free store returns service offering a convenient way for customers to return unwanted items.

Using the same store infrastructure as Click and Collect, Click and Return from Collectec allows the retailer to better manage any returns of on-line purchases at a store.

This is convenient for the customer who does not have to repackage the goods and make a special trip to a location other than the retail store to return the goods. Instead, they simply bring the goods back to the store and use the Collectec in-store return Check-in process possibly at the same time as collecting their next order.

This is a more convenient and personal service for the customer and a lower cost process for the retailer who can return the stock back to a sales item more efficiently either in the store or back to a distribution centre on the next logistics run.