Study on US retail Click and Collect consumer preferences

Study on US retail Click and Collect consumer preferences

US retail Click and Collect consumer preferences

A recent survey posted by  Bell and Howell showed the growth and traction that US retail Click and Collect is gaining.

During the 2016 holiday season, nearly a third of shoppers purchased products online and subsequently picked them up at a store. Click and collect is often refereed to as “buy online pick up in store” (BOPUS) and the study “2017 Click and Collect Retail Consumer Preference Study” reveals consumers’ preferences and behaviors when it comes to this practice.

Designed to understand the prevalence of consumers’ use of click and collect and what’s important to them during a click-and-collect experience, the headline figures include:

Key Findings

  • 70% + of respondents identified themselves as experienced click-and-collect shoppers (i.e., had used this option in the previous 12 months).
  • When asked to select the most important attribute of a click and collect experience
    • Quick in-and-out experience – 56%
    • No waiting in line – 22%
    • Ease of locating pickup location – 14%
    • Dedicated pickup counter – 9%
    • Designated parking spots – 5%
  • US retail Click and Collect customers said saving on shipping charges was the key driver (76 %) when selecting click and collect.
  • 56% said they wanted to collect inside at the front of the store, 21% preferred curbside pickup, only 8% selected the back of the store.
  • 80% expected to be able to pick up their item in under 10 minutes from the time they enter the store.
  • 27 % expected collections to take no more than four minutes.


49% of respondents said they were likely to purchase an additional item some of the time when collecting at store


Convenience is key to US retail Click and Collect service

When asked to rate specific attributes of an excellent click-and-collect experience, respondents gave their highest marks to the following:

  1. Filling the order accurately and on time
  2. Items ready at the pickup counter
  3. Store associates know how to process orders quickly
  4. Clear signage for pickup location
  5. Dedicated pickup counter


49% of Americans tried Click and Collect for the first time in 2016

“Retailers should focus on creating a winning in-store experience by enabling what matters most to click-and-collect consumers: speed, convenience and timely communication.” said Haroon Abbu, Ph.D., who led this research report.

US retail Click and Collect service will exceed UK

The USA is famous for its customer service standards and customers expect nothing less than perfection. If US retail Click and Collect is to succeed retailers MUST give their customers efficient collections and choice of how they collect so they can work it into their busy lifestyles.

“By giving collection customers a fast and friction-less store collection experience retailers can reward their customers with additional time” said Collectec Director Craig Bloomfield. He went on to say “With time comes choice and shoppers will reward retailers who provide this choice with their loyalty. Plus they will use this time to browse and buy additional items in store then tell their friends about the service”.

Click here to read more about how Collectec help retailers offer fast and efficient customer service for collecting customers whilst maintaining personal interaction and reducing operating costs.

Customers want to control how, where and when they collect


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