The future of Click and Collect

The future of Click and Collect

The future of Click and Collect

No longer an option but a “must have”

Recent research from Planet Retail has shown that 50% of shoppers around the world are now influenced by a retailer’s ability to offer convenient collection points for their on-line purchases. The conclusion of this research was clear; Click and Collect is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s now a prerequisite.

With fulfilment very much a key retail battleground, its no longer just the “last mile” that needs careful consideration its now the last metre that customers want a collection service to focus on.

The key message

“Retailers must remember that it is no longer a differentiator; shopper expectations continue to rise, putting even greater pressure on companies to provide a best-in-class service. Retailers must follow their own golden rule by putting the customer first”

Collection service is key

A sign above the tills saying “Collect here” doesn’t (and never did) cut the mustard. These customers want the convenience of Click and Collect to feature throughout their experience with the retailer. Pointing them towards a busy queue of shoppers waiting to pay, exchange, complain or collect can quickly destroy a customer’s positive experience and leave them feeling let down. So next time they contemplate another on-line purchase…. will they choose to shop elsewhere?

A recent survey showed that “47% of those who had used click & collect services in the past year had encountered issues that potentially damaged their customer experience, up from 32% last year – highlighting potential growing pains for retailers as they have attempted to scale their click & collect operations”

Frictionless collections

The Collectec approach to collections has always been simple…… focus on the customer service a Click and Collect customer receives when in store to collect. They chose to Click and Collect because of the convenience, so make it convenient and give them back the control and information they crave.

There are 3 key questions retailers need to ask themselves about their store collection service:

  1. Do my customers feel comfortable in store?
  2. Do they have a dedicated, stress free collection experience they control?
  3. Do my staff get to spend quality time with each collection customer? (asking for their name & reference does not count as yes!)

If the answer to any of these is No ….. then we can help, contact us here to see how.

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Great collection service attracts new customers


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