Sainsburys cuts collection time by forty percent

Sainsburys cuts collection time by forty percent

Case study:


Digital check-in cuts collection time by forty percent


The client

Sainsbury’s is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom with a 16.9% share of the UK supermarket sector. In September 2016 Sainsbury’s completed the acquisition of Home Retail Group (HRG) including the brands Argos and Habitat. Sainsburys cuts collection time by forty percent.

The opportunity

Following their acquisition of HRG Sainsbury’s were faced with the challenge of adding new collection propositions to their TU Clothing Click & Collect in-store service.

They needed to find a way to efficiently serve the growing number of customers coming into their stores to collect TU clothing and HRG’s Argos / EBay goods.  At the same time Sainsbury’s had also struck a deal for its stores to become collection points for DPD parcels adding a new flow of collecting customers.

All of these collecting customers could arrive at a store at any time of the day to collect any of the propositions available.  Sainsbury’s needed to find a new way to manage these customers in real time and provide a fast and effective service that did not create queues at customer service desks or over power their existing operations.

A review of in-store operations and the desired customer experience was launched and with the help of Operations, IT and the On-line teams some key criteria were agreed:

  • A fast convenient collection service that busy customers would appreciate.
  • Use of technology to continue the on-line journey at the store
  • Offer a single service able to consolidate all collection channels seamlessly.
  • Provide a stress free experience for both customers and store colleagues.
  • Produce collection data that can be constantly monitored, reported and improved.
  • A service that works across all store sizes within the Sainsbury’s estate.
  • An intuitive solution requiring little training for colleagues and none for customers
  • Increase order collection capacity from the existing store labour


The Solution

Collectec’s Click & Collect solution met all of Sainsbury’s key criteria.  Collectec’s light touch cloud based technology approach is easy to use for customers and colleagues.

The solution calls colleagues to action as collecting customers check in to the system.  Colleagues fulfilling other duties receive an alert on a mobile device and are able to collect and deliver the collecting customers goods and then return to their previous duties.

This flexible colleague working gives the solution the ability to automatically cope with peak demands and also removes the requirement for dedicated labour in the store.

Managers are alerted in real time to potential slow collection service and colleagues are automatically reminded of their open tasks.  The solution provides cloud managed reporting and performance data to analyse the effectiveness of the service being delivered.

The simple to use system means that any colleagues can serve collecting customers in an efficient way allowing them to easily deliver repeatable high quality customer service.  The solution is simple to train and fast to deploy with minimal technology within the store.


The work

Collectec took on the brief for five Proof of Concept (POC) stores and customised their solution to reflect Sainsbury’s brand requirements.  Together Sainsbury’s and Collectec planned how the solution could be deployed to the test stores.  Key to being able to demonstrate the success of the project was the ability to accurately break down the service and operation into measureable units to analyse effectiveness and customer service. These measurements were easily provided by Collectec’s reporting module.

Another key metric was feedback from the customers on how they liked the collection service and how easy and convenient it was to use.  Sainsbury’s conducted an extensive survey to find out what their customers thought of the service.


The results – Sainsburys cuts collection time by forty percent

Customers loved the service and scored it as 4.5 out of a possible 5 for satisfaction.

Collectec’s report data demonstrated that the time to serve a collecting customer had been dramatically reduced giving them additional time to shop in the store if they wished.  Colleagues loved using the system and the solution saved labour hours for the store. Directly following on from the proof of concept trial Collectec rolled out the solution to 37 of Sainsbury’s busiest Click & Collect stores.

Collectec delivered the project on time and in budget and the stores were up and running quickly and easily.  The result is a resilient and reliable multi-proposition Click and Collect service that has greatly reduced customer wait time.  Sainsbury’s said “We are really happy with everything they have done”.

Customers now find themselves having spare time to carry on with their busy day or perhaps grab a few essentials whilst they are in store.  Lina Kehlenbeck – Product Owner Online Operations said “Collectec have done an amazing job and have put Sainsbury’s in a much stronger strategic position”.

Collectec Director, Craig Bloomfield said “It was great to work with Sainsbury’s, we have delivered a fantastic solution that customers and colleagues love to use while also delivering measurable benefits to Sainsbury’s business.  Our solution is applicable to any Click & Collect service and we look forward to delivering it to many more customers”


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